The Kings and Queens of old

Hundreds of years before the nucrumian order, there were 4 lords in the system. The darakian lord Gastro,  the radaran lord Meleca, the libarian lord Hert-amani, and the tech lord Savi-ormani.


On a strange world known as Mathaga, there is a land called Caion. Within Caion, there is a City called Azgur, promptly named after the guardian that lies beneath it, Azguram. Azguram, or the guardian of war, was of the creation of the ancient god Tethene, or the god of time. Azgur has always been the city in which the god of death or Sithias always wants to gain control. But the ancient gods Tethene and Nathine created a wall of islands known as the ring that surrounds the land of the gods or the Deama Wastes keeping the gods there and out into the world of Mathaga. Instead of himself, Sithias has a demi god known as the crusader, to do his work in the outside world, the first crusader which reigned most of Caion, with the exception of Azgur, started what later became known as the crusader war. The second crusader which reigned after the war attempted to gain Azgur but the Azgurians fought hard to keep their city from falling. The third crusader came in and started what is now known as the great winter battle, the third crusader succeeded in capturing Azgur and from that day forth, every crusader that followed reigned the city of Azgur. Years past, the Antamarian Templar landed in the port city of Cyrak, from there, the templar began to expand out, to the port of winter, cortan, and even built their own city named new cyrak city. The crusader took notice of it and started a campaign with the Azgurians against the templar.


There is a world that is beyond ours. More of a second reality, one where every faerie tale and every story live in and rule. This world was discovered by 4 people a very long time ago and spent so much time there that even they became part of the stories. These 4 are who you know today as, Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan, Prince Charming, and Goldilocks. Their real names, Mavon Brier Hein, James Peter Hemmerson, Derek Carson Tyson, and Samantha Viceroy Mason. These 4 found this world in the 1300’s, they were taking a trip into the village when they were hit by a large blue stone that fell out of the sky. After being hit the 4 were teleported to this world. In that time the world was barely living, ancient Gods and myths that were what made up that world till than. The 4 soon later became known as the ruling 4 for that the stories already in this world needed a new reign. The outside world soon came to know these 4 as stories, the Little Red Riding Hood, the flying boy Peter Pan, The Prince for Cinderella, Charming, and the gal who ate the bear families soup, Goldilocks.


Westwood, located in Montana, Africa, Yemen, Zedonk island, Antarctica, and in New Zealand. What is Westwood, secretively its a university, but thats to hide its truth. There are lots of government organizations that hide their real truth. FTI, tech industry hiding the truth that they deal with alien tech. TZP, protection agency hiding the fact that they are the witness protection program for aliens. Westwood, university/ government testing agency, hiding that they really deal with supernatural activities and stop them at any means. You think the stories you’ve been told when you were a child were just stories? Wrong, Westwood has many creatures and supernatural figures locked away. Werewolves, vampires, shape shifters, red riding hood, peter pan, ghosts, Cap. Hook, and many other childhood character are all locked up in Westwood.

For Mrs. Neal

I’ve always had a liking in mythology since I was little. My favorites are the Egyptian, Roman, and the Greek. lately I’ve been into the Chinese and other Asian mythologies. I’ve semi grew up with mythology through my grandfather and uncle. they will tell me stories about different people throughout history. When it comes to history and geography I’m there into it. It’s just my thing. Lot of people can’t say the many different ancient names in these stories but I can. I consider reading and writing to be my special gifts. They are what set me apart from everyone else. I don’t really have a favorite story cause I just like them all. Writing and music are my basics for life, always. I joined this class because I know I’m going to succeed here.

Killer pigs

Pigs kill a lot of people and make sort of bacon out of human skin and pork out of the human muscles. Pigs have advanced so much they have their own government. They are a communist society.  The pig leader known as pitler, and his porkers fight the wolf people and humans.


Land of Azaran

The war had ruin everyone’s lives including mine. My life was perfect before the war and then it happened and destroyed everything. Then after the war, a thick fog drifted in and stayed. It never left and it never lifted. The wasteland had it the worst, but some say that there is a place at the center of wasteland called The Beyond. There it says to have sunlight and normal nights. The Beyond had no fog. The elders of our city say that if your brave enough to go beyond the fog then you are a god or goddess. But there is only one person who actually went to The Beyond, Azaran The Great. Only 4 people had seen him go into The Beyond, Krant, Santres, Trena, and Uraga(our elder of our district). Uraga was the only person to survive the journey back. Krant died of Foggest sickness, Santres was killed by a Sidra tiger, and Trena was killed by Sidra rebels. Sidra is the land between ours and The Beyond. Ours is Garn, named after our king, Garnester. Sidra is the name the rebels give their land, comes from the ancient book of Istory. There is an ancient city in Sidra that we have tried to rebuild for years but the rebels always fight us. There are also 3 beasts in Sidra that guard the Beyond, the Sidra tiger, Sidran guardians, and the grim soldiers. The Tigers are said to be the descendants of an ancient snow tiger. Large beasts with claws and fangs, thick gray fur. The guardians are the work of the stone master. They are large living statues that keep people out of the Beyond. The grim are eerie fog people that attack anything moving through the fog. I call them vampires like the ones I read in my books. They hate the light. I read a lot of books. All of my books came from this ancient library that had been in the lands old capital. Garn and Sidra are the only known territories. The wasteland and The Beyond are still unknown. In the book of Istory, there was 3 great wars before the End War. the land Garn and Sidra lay in used to be a powerful nation. the world before was an evil and brutal place. I would know I was born and raised in that world. the end war, I thought was going to be the end. turns out it was the beginning of a new era. earth went through many eras before the new. the stone age to the bronze age, the dark ages to the industrialization, the modern age to the ion age. and from the ion age to the new era, the era of the Myth. Myth, a compound of mixed nova and ion, more powerful then nova and way more inexpensive then ion. Myth was created during the end war so the governments could end the war quickly and have more  for after the war. the only government left after was the French, then they fell and know it is us, the Kingdom of Garn. we went back to the old ways of ruling, a king and his court. King Garnester has been the prime minister of England near the end of ww3 and then king of England and now the founder and king of Garn. Sidra was created from the left over land by the rebels. the rebels were the cause for the end war. the fog came after the war ended. no one knows where it came from and why its here. a virus came from the fog called the Foggest sickness. the virus eats away at the chest and burns your lungs and heart. there isn’t a cure for it and so moving through the fog you need to wear gas masks, gloves, basically cover every inch of your body with protection. the grim are the result of the advancement of the virus. if the virus reaches your brain you turn into the grim. pale skin, no hair, long fingers, teeth become sharp as well as their fingernails. they lurk in the dark for they cannot live in the light. I’ve been out in the wasteland many times, but of course it was with a group to find supplies and possibly more people to bring in to Garn. There are more survivors after all these years, just trying to survive the wasteland and all the bad stuff out there.

The Time Boy

The air tasted like dust and her feet were killing her. The Great Seca Desert was in its dry season and the heat from the three suns will burn anything in its rays. Her name is Kirisa, she was sent out by her village to find the legendary Time Boy. He is the only person on Serm who can move through time. Kirisa`s village is in need to move to the jungles of Sarela. Kirisa had grown up hearing the stories about him and his powers. Her father had died trying to find the time boy. The jungles of sarela was a jungle that survived an ice age but died off over time after. The time boy could help our village go back in time to when the jungle was at its first sprout.